Careers in Early Childhood Education

The first years of a child’s life are very important in laying the foundation for proper growth at emotional, physical and even intellectual levels. That is why a career in early childhood education means cultivating healthy growth in young kids and shaping their lives for the better.

There are scores of highly sought after and rewarding job options in this field and a high demand for skilled educators of children.

Here are a few job options that will interest you:

1. Preschool Teacher

These professionals are nurturers and assist in cultivating a safe, secure and positive environment for the children. You can expect to start as a teacher’s assistant or aide at the entry level.

2. Childcare Center Director

From training and supervising the staff to managing the daily operations of a preschool, daycare or any other type of childcare centre, the childcare centre director works hard to run an institution and maintains strong ties with the parents.

3. Home-Based Service Provider

Home is a natural environment for nurture, care and learning for any child. A lot of parents prefer home-based learning for early education. Home-based service providers work in the comfort of their home to provide valuable early education to young minds.

4. Researcher

Conducting studies, evaluation of services, appraisal of educational practices, collection of data, carrying out in-depth analysis and preparation of grants for seeking funds, these are just some of the duties carried out by researchers in the early education field.